Clinical Services

Providing help and support to set up Private and NHS Services

PharmaPlus provides a whole host of clinical services for our members to meet the needs of your pharmacy and the clinical commissioning group that you work with. We are always on the look out to develop new and exciting services for the dynamic pharmacy environment and find the best deals for setting up private services. We can help source and provide appropriate training for you to become clinical pharmacist.

A selection of some of these services are listed below. Please click on the service to find out more.

Travel Clinic Set-up Service

We can help you set up Travel Clinic in your pharmacy

Full Range of NHS Services

We can help you set up all NHS services for your pharmacy

Private Flu & Vaccinations

We provide FREE training for flu vaccinations as well as emergency CPR for your pharmacy


Clinical Audits and Information

You can find information on Clinical Audits here.

Diagnostic Testing Services

There are various Diagnostic and screening services available for your pharmacy


Independent Prescribing (IP)

We can guide you towards becoming an IP and help you set up appropriate services for your pharmacy

PGD Services Packages

Click here to find out more about PGDs for your pharmacy

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