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Help and guidance for community pharmacy contractors.
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Help with your CPD and Revalidation


PharmaPlus runs CPD and Revalidation workshops for its members where you can complete the entry and submit on the same day. We will provide you with the entire guidance.

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CPD and revalidation has changed and we are here to make the transition as easy for you as possible.

We run group sessions and one on one sessions to help you complete all your revalidation criteria. Please contact us if you require further support.

You will be required to complete the following annually to be able to revalidate:

  • 4 CPD entries (at least 2 planned entries)
  • 1 reflective account based on the standards the GPhC set out
  • 1 peer discussion and write up


In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic there have been some changes to our requirements.

Anyone renewing their registration between 1st September 2020 and 31stDecember 2020 will be required to submit a reflective account only.


So what do you need to write for a reflective account?

  • Reflect on how you have achieved at least one of the 3 standards below:
  1.    Standard 3 – Pharmacy professionals must communicate effectively
  2.    Standard 6 – Pharmacy professionals must behave professionally
  3.    Standard 9 – Pharmacy professionals must demonstrate leadership


  • Provide the following in your write up:
  1.    Description of your area(s) of practice
  2.    Description of your typical service users
  3.    Description of how you are meeting one or more of the standards with a real life example


  • Use an example from COVID-19 to show how you have achieved these standards, below are a couple of examples you could use but you are not limited to these and could choose anything in your practice to show how you have achieved these standards:
  1.    Risk assessing your premises and staff and the measures you put in place to maintain a safe environment could show you have achieved all 3 standards
  2.    How you have adapted and changed your service provision and how this has been implemented and communicated could also demonstrate all 3 standards