Independent Prescribing (IP)

Help and guidance for community pharmacy contractors towards becoming IPs.
Professional Services

Have you thought about becoming an Independent Prescriber?


Pharmacy is changing and the natural direction is for community pharmacy to be a more clinical service in the future. Our vision is to have prescribing pharmacists in community pharmacies as well as in GP practices. We firmly believe that using the combined power of both community and GP pharmacy can provide patients with huge benefits in healthcare.

We have an independent prescriber in our staff profile to support your development in becoming a prescriber. We also work with various other organisations to provide you with more advanced training and protocols to help you set up your own clinics based on your own level of competence.

Independent prescribing can provide a wealth of opportunities to community pharmacists and their patients by using knowledge and skills in a more clinical context. The direction of travel is very clear … and it is clinical.