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GPhC Mock Inspections

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PharmaPlus GPhC Mock Inspection Service


With the new changes to pharmacy inspections it is now more important than ever to always stay ready for an inspection.

The 2019 changes mean most inspections carried out will be unannounced and a summary report and action plan will be published and made available to the public. In order for you to achieve the best possible results PharmaPlus offers a mock inspection service.

A member of the PharmaPlus team will come and inspect your pharmacy as an GPhC inspector would, question various members of the pharmacy team and ensure you have the necessary paperwork in place to be complaint with your regulatory requirements.

Our inspections guarantee you at least a satisfactory across the GPhC standards once our action plans have been implemented for a period of one year after the mock inspection.

A number of members after having a mock inspection have achieved a “good” rating in the GPhC inspections – If you would like to achieve the best from your GPhC Inspection please contact the PharmaPlus office today to book in your mock inspection.

  • The price for PharmaPlus members is £350 + VAT
  • (For non-members the price is £450 + VAT)

Call us today to book your mock inspection on 02088633335 

Here are the advantages:

  • Guaranteed ‘satisfactory’ rating or your money back
  • Documentation and check list prior to mock inspection
  • Dedicated discussion after mock inspection

We have had very positive feedback from members who have had an inspection.

“Exceptional Mock GPhC Inspection from PharmaPlus got me and my staff motivated and resulted in a fantastic result during the actual GPhC Inspection”
- Dilip Desai (Andrew Bass Pharmacy)
“I feel more confident on demonstrating the competence of our work”
- Dhimant Patel (Collins Pharmacy)
“A very thorough mock inspection”
- Priyesh Desai (Golden Cross Pharmacy)