Travel and Sexual Health Clinic Set Up

Help with setting up a travel clinic in your pharmacy
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You can set up a Travel and Sexual Health Clinic in your pharmacy!


PharmaPlus can help and guide you to set up a Travel Clinic and provide you with all relevant training for it.

Travel clinic set up is not for everyone as you need to provide dedicated resources towards this service and will have to work according to the demand from the customer – so not something you can just do in between dispensing prescriptions. However, it can be a good income generator and a private clinical service that you can provide from your pharmacy.

We have a great feedback from our members that we have helped and we will be happy to guide you towards this.

Travel and Sexual Health

We have partnered up and provide huge discounts with one of the largest private travel and sexual health clinic providers in the UK – Citydoc. They provide one of the biggest and extensive ranges of vaccination services available. You can expect the following from their service:

  • A full travel clinic service (including Yellow Fever vaccination service)
  • A full sexual health screening service – this includes taking biological samples and sending for analysis
  • A full range of childhood immunisations – including Meningitis B and Chickenpox vaccinations
  • Occupational health – including HepB status and BCG scar checking

The service is always developing and there is likely to be further developments on the horizon.

Here are the advantages:

  • Additional source of income for the pharmacy
  • Linked sale – you can sell additional travel related products to customers
  • Increase in footfall that you may not have had before in the pharmacy
  • Customers will appreciate the additional service from your pharmacy


The service is incredibly profitable and all the marketing is done for you so you don’t have to do anything in terms of marketing if you don’t want to. Simply sign up, train up and let CityDoc do the marketing for you. Patients will be booked in by their central department and all you need to do is conduct the consultation – saving you time and resources. Some of our members are regularly achieving a £8000 return per quarter on this service.

This service is not for everybody. It takes time and training … although the rewards are huge if you are willing to put in the work. Additionally, the company runs an exclusion zone policy and not all pharmacies will be eligible to join (although we have negotiated a preference policy for PharmaPlus members). If for whatever reason you are unable to join this service then we are able to discuss the best alternative option for you. Just give us a ring on 020 8863 3335.