PharmaPlus Training Videos

Training Videos and Tutorials From PharmaPlus

Below are the videos that PharmaPlus Team has prepared for our members. These are on current topics as well as specialist topics such as Quality Payments, Healthy Living Pharmacy and more.

PharmaPlus Academy: 21st July 2021 Seminar Recording on COVID Vaccinations Programme (member login is required)

Covid Vaccination Programme (21st July 2021)

PharmaPlus Academy: Clinical Seminar Recordings - Ear Microsuction, Independent Prescribing, DNA Testing and Aesthetics - May - June 2021

Ear Microsuction and Independent Prescribing Seminar Recording – 11 May 2021

DNA Testing (Paternity Testing and Individual Drug Sensitivity Testing) Seminar Recording 18th May 2021

Aesthetics (Botox) Clinic Seminar Recording 9th June 2021

SOCIAL MEDIA: Beginners Guide to TWITTER by PharmaPlus

This is a beginners guide on how to get started with TWITTER

COVID-19 Resource Related Videos

Video Series on 'Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS)' 2019-20

STAFF TRAINING 2019 Video Series - Member Login Required

Messages from PharmaPlus and Suppliers

Last Year's Video Series on 'Quality Payments' 2018-19

Video Series on 'Healthy Living Pharmacy'

Revalidation Videos

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