PharmaPlus Membership Benefits

We at PharmaPlus are not just a buying group, but a focussed professional support group for both pharmacists and pharmacies alike. We help pharmacies prepare for the future from supply to service.

We are always looking to expand our membership with like-minded professionals who have the same ethos as us. Our aim is to provide:

Patient Video Consultations (Training provided for set up)

Times are changing and we need to plan for the future of our pharmacies. PharmaPlus has a unique training which will provide you will the skills to provide patients with a video consultation service. This service is the future and something all pharmacies need to sign up for. It provides:

  • Patients with an easy access clinic
  • You are able to provide a private consultation (Charge the patient a fee)
  • Use the training provided to diagnose the patient
  • Provide them with a private prescription (Charge the patient a fee)

During the Pandemic we have made several of our services FREE to non-members to help the community pharmacies nationwide. These include the following:

During these busy times for the pharmacy, our aim has been to take complex information and guidelines and present them on our guidance and reference pages in simple and easy to understand format.


The pandemic has been incredibly painful for pharmacies in general. There were distinct stages of the support that we offered. The first was immediate impact of the pandemic and the workload on pharmacies. This involved a huge amount of support for our members regarding staffing levels, personal protection equipment, staff absence and effectively managing the huge amount of work that the pandemic brought onto pharmacies. We provided regular updates on what pharmacies had to do and provided one on one support where required. We also provided a regular updated mind map on all topics related to COVID. The pace of change was so vast that this was the only way to communicate large volumes of information very succinctly.

The full impact of the financial consequences of the pandemic are only being felt now. The government has released reimbursement claims to pharmacies. We are currently supporting our pharmacies to claim the maximum amount allowed, and with our full support.

Naturally, this topic will continue to evolve and we will be right by the side of our members to support them every step of the way.

We continuously scale the markets for new and innovative services. Recent achievements include:

  • DNA and genetic testing,
  • phlebotomy,
  • advanced sexual health services,
  • aesthetics clinic (including Botox and fillers),
  • intravenous vitamin infusions,
  • independent prescribing support and much more.

We regularly horizon scan to try and workout what is likely to be happening soon. Our office pharmacists are also independent prescribers and practice in the field, so we practise what we preach. However, service does not just look at patient group directions, but looks at much more. Our aim is to support your patients and your business, and one of the ways to do this is to build your clinical service arsenal.

Our service tenders for you monthly & saves you time & money.

  • We tender for the top 200+ lines across 5 short line suppliers.
  • You just tell us what you need and we do all the hard work for you
  • Save time ordering daily or weekly for core lines
  • No need to shop around for best prices – PharmaPlus does all the hard work for you
  • Typical saving is £100 – £200 PCM
  • Gives you time to generate extra revenue for example from Profitable PPL Private Clinical Services
  • No extra cost to members – completely FREE

Heavily subsidised and discounted pre-reg trainee pharmacist, technician and healthcare assistant courses.

Succession planning and training is essential for the success of any pharmacy. Our training partner is one of the best training organisations in pharmacy, Buttercups, ,that provides you with discounted services to ensure that your staff are trained to the best level possible. By utilising this service, you could free yourself up to perform more complex (and more profitable) services through delegation. We have found that one of the difficulties community pharmacists face is the inability to delegate effectively. By utilising the services from Buttercups, you can ensure that your staff are trained to the appropriate level to free you to do the things that you need to for your business.

There is endless requirements we are required to comply with. At PharmaPlus we aim to be your head office and make the process of meeting your regulatory requirements as easy as possible. We provide our members with regular updates, reminders, tailored guidance and one to one support when required.

We have a pharmacy calendar which we circulate month to ensure members are always aware of upcoming deadlines.

We used to call this free ‘flu’ training. However the vaccination training appears to be more of an appropriate approach now. Vaccinations in pharmacy is so important that it is effectively an essential service. Our members receive a huge benefit by receiving free vaccination training to enable you to administer almost all intramuscular and subcutaneous vaccines.

We also provide phlebotomy training as we see this as one of the key areas to develop on in pharmacy in the future.

We understand the challenges our members face when it comes to revalidation. We hold individual and group sessions to help members have all their entries completed within a 2 hour session with a PharmaPlus mentor. We will help you with recording, checking through and providing feedback on your entries and can also be your peer for your peer discussion. Take the stress out of revalidation and let us guide you through the process with ease.

We have a central invoicing scheme for members with more than 10 suppliers. This allows members the opportunity to pay several suppliers with just one single payment at the month end via us.

Extended credit is also available to members giving members up to 60 days from date of statement which eases the cash flow issues that some members are currently facing.

We aim to help our members maximise the amount of revenue they generate from this service by providing timely information and support where required. Most of our members achieve the maximum amount possible under these schemes. We provide one on one support if required, with many subscribing to our “plus” service for even more support and guidance. This year is going to be even more difficult with training required for NMS services, a new blood pressure service as well as a new smoking cessation service. We support you to ensure that you get the time to complete what you need to do to maximise the revenue of your business.

PharmaPlus is proud to announce a NEW PharmaPlus REWARDS Scheme starting from January 2021. The scheme would reward all members on one level or another for being a part of the PharmaPlus family.

The scheme is split in two parts

  • Engagement Based – engage with us and our suppliers and earn up to £150 per annum.  Engage with us on emails and Whatsapp, attend our virtual and face to face seminars and training sessions, use our supplier services and deals to earn points that translate into £££.
  • Shortliner Spend Based – spend more with our suppliers and earn up to £450 per annum. Under this, for each member, we will split the rewards on a weighted percentage of your spends from the total sum of proportional funding-sponsorship we receive from our shortliners – OTC Direct, DE Pharma (Doncaster), Trident, Colorama and Sigma.

The reward scheme is explained further in our full terms and conditions.


Pre pandemic training was regularly provided through face to face sessions. Our training has now evolved further thanks to the pandemic. We are now training via zoom and other electronic means. Our membership has found this incredibly useful as it allows training in the comfort of your own homes or the pharmacy.

We are intending to train and provide seminars using a combination of the two techniques above. While face to face training is the best way forward, there are several discussion topics we are now able to plan and discuss with members more frequently.