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Marketing works differently for each pharmacy. The key factors that influence your marketing plan are dependent on the area your pharmacy is located in, your shop offerings, your services, the customer profile, your time and most importantly your budget.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. You need to consider the various elements relating to your pharmacy and put them together in a marketing mix that suits your budget to provide you with desired results.

Always think through your approach and have a schedule and timeline to test your plan before making big investments which may or may not bring the desired return on investment.

PharmaPlus can look at each member independently and advice on best possible solutions to promote your pharmacy. These could consist of posters, banners, leaflets, advertising in press, inserts in prescription bags, stickers, use of social media (facebook / twitter) and your website. All of this can be put into a bespoke 12 month marketing plan that you can follow.

We can also help with the execution of the plan if needed (i.e with design as well as print, social media as well as website set up and sourcing printers and relevant suppliers where needed).

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Follow Five Simple Steps

PharmaPlus can provide comprehensive marketing materials including:

  • PROFILE and research your pharmacy and customers
  • Based on the above SELECT what to PROMOTE
  • Choose your promotion / marketing METHOD
  • Set BUDGET and a 12 month marketing PLAN
  • EXECUTE your plan with DIY approach or use appropriate supplier


We can help you with the above five steps and create a bespoke marketing plan for your pharmacy.

Marketing materials for members

Bespoke and comprehensive marketing materials can be provided with a consultation. Below is a list of some samples we can offer to our members (login required):
  • Posters in various sizes
  • Promotional post cards and leaflets
  • Practice leaflets
  • Promotional bag stickers
  • Newspaper advert designs
  • Shelf talkers
  • TV screens
  • Simple website design and management
  • Social media set up and management