Central Invoicing

Invoicing made easy for our members
Commercial Services

What is PharmaPlus Central Invoicing Service ?


PharmaPlus has a central invoicing scheme for members with a number of our suppliers.

This allows members the opportunity to pay several suppliers with just one single payment at the month end.

Extended credit is also available to members giving members up to 60 days from date of statement which eases the cash flow issues that some members are currently facing.

Some our central invoicing suppliers are:

  • Urgo Medical
  • Venalink
  • CitySprint
  • Verisure
  • Cee Gee Labels
  • Maddox Health & Beauty
  • D&M Enterprises
  • Intellipharm
  • Inverness Safe Pierce
  • Optibac Probiotics


Pharma Plus is always negotiating with suppliers and hope to bring on more suppliers in the near future. Call us today for a full list.