Our 2021 Accomplishments During The Pandemic

We have worked hard behind the scenes throughout the pandemic. We not only represent our members and make your voices heard in the industry and the government, but we have also looked at new income-generating avenues, and initiatives to secure a better more sustainable future for your business. We launched several clinical services this year and more are coming up soon on the horizon, and we are continually evaluating our strategy to benefit our members.

Some of our workstreams this year include:

  • Suppliers ranging from CBD products, Dossett boxes to dispensing labels and many more.
  • PharmaPlus pays one consolidated invoice to the supplier, and then we take on the administrative burden to invoice our members individually.
  • Therefore, this service takes the administration burden off suppliers and passes on the cost savings to members by centralising one payment.
  • Support for new NHS services including the NHS Hypertension Service, The DMS and NMS service, and both the GP CPCS and CPCS services.
  • Introduced new private services including CQC Qualification Service, Independent Prescriber Qualification Services, Phlebotomy and Private Blood Testing, Minor Illness Service, DNA Testing Service and Aesthetics Services.
  • Significant support for the PQS, including step-by-step plans and one on one support.
  • Significant support including vaccination support, support for PPE claims, Lateral Flow Distribution Service and Pandemic Delivery Service.
  • One on one support for COVID cost claims.
  • Support for setting up COVID sites with over 25 locations set up with our support.
  • Setting up a COVID pharmacist support group to help each other with practical advice.
  • Support for completing COVID related guidance, including SOPs, risk assessments, business continuity plans, obtaining PPE, advice on managing test and trace, plus much more.
  • Guidance on the pharmacy advice audit.
  • Guiding members on managing the increasing threat from internet pharmacies.
  • Updated our SOPs to ensure they reflect the new COVID measures.
  • Supported revalidation requirements and ensured member entries were meeting the standards.
  • Guiding members through setting up their pandemic delivery service and maximising claims.
  • Introduction of the new regulation checker with critical dates that need completion.
  • Saving members time and money every month.
  • Saving each member using the FREE service on average £200 pm.
  • One to one support for engaging with your Clinical Directors.
  • Setting up of a dedicated WhatsApp group for the exchange of ideas.
In general, for £1.10 per day of our membership fee, we offer back more than three times in return on our exhaustive, base level of services. However, if you were to utilise most of our services, including private clinical services, you are likely to see a return of over ten times from us as members.

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