Finding a Designated Medical Practitioner (article 3)

“A mentor has a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and gives you a push in the right direction”. John C Crosby

I felt quite lucky that I had access to a few doctors through my old role a PCN pharmacist, and was thankful that one was happy to be my DPP. I couldn’t believe my luck, I had heard through the grapevine that it was quite hard to find a DPP!

All the forms were signed, and applications sent.

A few months went by (I applied super early) and I ensured that I kept in touch with my DPP discussing my scope of practice and how we were going to work out the 90 hours required by the GPhC.

I got the acceptance letter to my preferred institution; everything was on track. I called my DPP to let him know the good news but no answer. I called again the next day, no answer! And the day after and the day after that……… Still, no luck. I emailed, and I receive a failure to deliver message. It turned out that my DPP had left the practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a pickle! How on earth do I find a new DPP at this short notice?

A spent the next few days calling the other GPs which I had built a relationship with at my PCN role, but they had all moved on (they were locums and they were not local). I called my own GP practice but they couldn’t help. I didn’t blame them, they didn’t know who I was and on experience, a prescriber is more willing to be a DPP if they know you!

With 1 week to go before I was due to start, I happened to ask a fellow pharmacist colleague who asked the GP he knew and he agreed!

Crisis averted!

Decision to do the course. Check!

University choice. Check!

DPP. Check!

Now, to get cracking…………

– By Herpreet Sharma, PharmaPlus