Choosing the institution (article 2)

“Choice”, “Chance”, “Change” You must make a “Choice” To take a “Chance” or your life will never “Change”. Zig Ziglar#

At the time of searching for the institution I wanted to do my IP with I was quite overwhelmed with the number available. So, I decided to list them all with all the relevant information; how do they teach? When does the programme start? How many times do I need to be present at the university? What support did they have to offer? I quickly realised that there was not much difference between them, only slight changes in the assessment style and weight of online teaching to face to face. However, I had to keep in mind the fact that I wasn’t with a GP practice which would still pay me for a days work whilst studying, if I don’t work I don’t get paid! I suspect that this maybe the situation for many community pharmacists. Those who own a business, I suspect that day would be the cost of a locum. But, and the big but……… No pain no gain!

So, I whittled down my choices to 4 universities, there was no harm in applying to all. In fact, I would encourage anyone to apply to more than 1. With the funding in place by HEE, I suspect that there would be a lot of applicants for all of the universities.

Decision to do the course. Check!

University choice. Check!

Now to find a DPP!

– By Herpreet Sharma, PharmaPlus