PharmaPlus Revalidation School

PharmaPlus has conducted two successful group sessions (virtual workshops) on Revalidation during June and August 2022.

What members said about our workshops

“Very good morning of work – submissions almost ready – no panic this year!”

       – R.P. (PharmaPlus Member)

“I know I gave my Sunday morning of golf today but now no more pressure. Work done  – submissions almost ready – no need to worry this year! Only the digital to complete now.”

       – B.P. (PharmaPlus Member)

“Thanks so much for the session this morning on revalidation! I feel almost ready to submit in just a few hours.”

       – W.M. (PharmaPlus Member)

“After a two year break from CPD, just wanted to thank PharmaPlus for this mornings CPD zoom session. Invaluable refresher on making entries. I definitely would have spent an awful lot more time if I tried to do it alone. Thanks again PPL.”

       – K.P. (PharmaPlus Member)

What is PharmaPlus Revalidation School all about?

As you maybe aware FULL revalidation requirements have returned for those who are due to renew their registration on or after 30th September 2022. To help members complete their revalidation requirements we will be running a virtual ‘revalidation school’.

The full revalidation requirements include:
1).    4 CPD records
2).    1 reflective account
3).    1 peer discussion

What happens at revalidation school?

  1. Have all your revalidation requirements completed after a 3 hour session with the PharmaPlus team via Zoom.
  2. Write up all 4 of your CPD entries and your reflective account.
  3. Have a group peer discussion and write up your entry.
  4. Have all your entries checked by a member of the PharmaPlus team.
  5. Submit your entries to the GPhC once approved by the PharmaPlus team.