To IP or not to IP (article 1)

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today!” Malcolm X

For months I was grappling with the idea of whether to apply for my IP. But with all the twist an turns faced by the profession, there is no escaping that this is the way pharmacy is going.

Prescribing is embedded in the undergraduate programme which means that when the new bees qualify they have something under their belt which I, as an “old bee” would not have. However, I soon realised that that I have something else, experience! So, it makes sense to take 6 months out of my life, brush the cobwebs out of my head and move ahead WITH the profession!

But…how much was this going to cost me? Nothing! HEE are kindly funding community pharmacists to complete the course. This decision became a no brainer!

So I am here to take you on my IP journey.

Next stop, choosing the institution………

– By Herpreet Sharma, PharmaPlus